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中西文化的差异 xiaozu 课件.ppt

'中西文化的差异 xiaozu 课件.ppt'
吴媚China Vs WestContents吴媚Religious belief 2Wedding1Music3 Chinese wedding western wedding 1.the dress2.wedding location3. wedding processVS Red is the main tone which stands for happiness. Bride wears in red dress for good future.The bride will wearing a white wedding gown and holding a bouquet of flowers in her right hand.BACKTo the Chinese people , wedding must grand and lively , usually they would invite a lot relatives and friends . So the wedding location always choose the hotel which is convenient of traffic and capacious of space . Wedding locationThe westerners prefer church or other places which are quiet . The wedding is in perfect order but not so lively as Chinese . fetch the bride(迎亲)花轿bride's sedanwedding processmusic and firecrackers. Wedding Ceremony一拜天地 1 bow to the heaven and earth 二拜高堂 2 bow to their parents夫妻对拜 3 bow to each otheroffer a cup of tea give red envelopesLucky moneywedding banquet lucky candy wine drunk at a wedding feast Go to the bridal chamber To tease the new couple Happy endingThe bride is seen walking down the aisle,leaning on her father’s elbow. Bride appearance All eyes turn to her as she slowly moves forward to take her place beside the bridegroom in front of the clergyman.A promise to each otherFrom this day forward,for better for worse,for richer for poorer,will you love her,comfort her,honour and protect her,farsaking all others,be faithful to her,as long as you both shall live?Through the bouquetLarge party VSReligious BeliefChinaWestConfucianism Buddhism and Taoism formed the Chinese religious systems.中国 儒释道 (即:儒家、佛家、道家)The most important religion in west is Christian 西方 基督教There are many differences between Chinese and western religious , we will compare it in 5 main area .Architectural featuresDivination methods Religious FestivalsReligious ideasMusic~China's main religiousarchitecture is temples, Taoist temple, Confucius temple.Architectural features: in the construction pattern has a deep Cosmological concept of Yin and Yang。Advocating symmetry, order, stabilityLike to build them in the mountains which is lonely and have beautiful scenery.Western main religious architecture is ChurchArchitectural features:Tall arched dome, heavy and complicated steeples and painted windows, all around are wall formed a closed space, curved wall surround close formation dome, minaret straight channels.Usually built in the city centre.Taiji vegetariantarotCrystal ballconstellationwitch Buddha birth festival 佛诞节Buddha complete festival 佛圆满节Becomes enlightened festival 成道节 Goddess of Mercy commemoration day 观音纪念日农历四月初八农历4月15农历12月初八受难节Suffering quarterChristmas 12\25 升天节ascends to heaven festival 万圣节11\1复活节Buddhism religious doctrine:The life is the samara . The soul meets the metempsychosis, samara rebirth 。Good is rewarded with good evil will be requited with evil.This life makes the misdemeanor , next lif。省略部分。 and obtains forever life that can exceed the devil and the death. Choir The choir mostly is composed of the church warm-hearted letter audiences, his main purpose is charge for the church poem on Sunday and lead to worship.The Buddhism song mainly uses in propagandizing the ancestor religious doctrine principle, the stimulation religion emotion western musicVSChinese music Classical music Haydn BeethovenThe Classical period, from about 1750 to 1820, established many of the norms of composition, presentation, and style, and was also when the piano became the predominant keyboard instrument. Wind instruments became more refined in the Classical period Mozart Romantic musicThe music of the Romantic era was characterized by increased attention to an extended melodic line, as well as expressive and emotional elements, paralleling romanticism in other art forms.The music became more chromatic, dissonant, and tonally colorful, with tensions about key signatures increasing. The great masters of Romantic music LisztBerliozSchubert ChopinImpressionistic musicmainly in France focuses on a suggestion and an atmosphere rather than on a strong emotion or the depiction of a story as in program music use short forms such as nocturne , arabesque and prelude Chinese national music Chinese folk songs Work song Folk song Ditty Chinese folk dances Yangko Song- and- dance duet Tea-picking opera Flower Drum Song Minority national song and dance Folk music Chinese folk music can be dated back to 7000 years ago. Sizhu ensembles use flutes and bowed or plucked string instruments to make harmonious and melodious music that has become popular in the West among some listeners. One of the most popular folk songs of China is Mo Li Hua (Beautiful Jasmine). Ethnic Han music consists of heterophonic music , in which the musicians play versions of a single melodic line. Percussion accompanies most music, dance, talks, and opera. Ethnic Han music Chinese opera has been hugely popular for centuries, especially the Beijing opera .The music is often guttural with high-pitched vocals, usually accompanied by suona , jinghu , other kinds of string instruments , and percussion. Other types of opera include clapper opera , Pingju , Cantonese opera , puppet opera , Kunqu , Sichuan opera , Qinqiang , ritual masked opera and Huangmei xi . Chinese operaThe form of preformanceWest EastEast The form of eastern musical performance can be divided into three types : solo, accompaniment and ensemble. As same as the eastern musical performance, the western musical performance also can be played in solo, accompaniment and ensemble .But their instruments are more refined than the eastern. Most of them are electronic equipment. West the western musical performance pay more attention to express their emotion with cadence .It has climax, also combine the gloominess.Thank you ~~~
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