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九年级下册英语课件 unit9 I like music that I dance to grammar.ppt

'九年级下册英语课件 unit9 I like music that I dance to grammar.ppt'
Unit 9I like music that I can dance toSection A GrammarWhat kind of music do you like?I like music that/which I can sing along with. What kind of groups does Xu Fei like?He prefers groups that/which play quiet and slow songs.What kind of movies do you like?I prefer movies that/which give me something to think about.What kind of musicians does Carmen like?She likes musicians who play different kinds of music.Grammar Focus一 定义:在复合句中修饰名词或代词的句子叫定语从句e.g. The music is quiet and gentle.I like it.=I like music that/which is quiet and gentle. The attributive clauses先行词 (物) 关系词 定语从句定语从句The attributive clausesEg: He is a man. He is wearing a hat. = He is a man who is wearing a hat.先行词关系代词(指人)定语从句二 先行词(物)+that/which+从句 先行词(人)+who+从句三 who,that/which 在从句中可担任 1.主语2.宾语He is the man (who)(宾语) I met yesterday.I like music (that)(宾语) I can dance to.I prefer the sandwich that(主语) is really delicious.I love singers who(主语) write their own songs关系词在从句中作主语时,不能省略。关系词在从句中作宾语时,可省略。I prefer music that is gentle.I prefer weather that is cool.I like animals that are cute.I like movies that are exciting.四 定语从句中,当关系词作主语时,谓语动词与先行词保持一致。The attributive clause(定语从句)Summary名词或代词先行词关系词who/thatthat/which宾语主语省略先行词修饰__________的句子叫定语从句. 被定语从句修饰的名词或代词叫_______. 连接定语从句的词叫____. 如果先行词是人, 用______ 连接; 如果先行词是物, 用_______ 连接. 如果关系词在从句中做___, 可以省略. 如果关系词在从句中做___, 不能___, 从句中谓语动词与____保持一致.选择题The TV play is about a true story____ happened in Zhengzhou in 1999. A. it B. when C. that D. what2. The books ____ were written by Luxun sell well. A. who B. which C. how D. what考考你!CB练一练用who . which填空1. Please pass me the book ______ lies on the shelf.2. The book ______you lent to me is fun.3. A nurse is a person looks after people are ill.4. The policeman caught the thief is my father.5. This is the best film has been shown this year. hatwhichwhichwhowhowhich Choose words from the different columns to make sentences.I/you/he/she/we/theylike(s)/love(s)/prefer(s)food/clothes/people/music/singers/moviesthat/which/whois/arefunny/comfortable/inexpensive/slow/sweet/salty/loud/interesting/intelligent4a Read Jennifer’s CD review. Then complete the sentences using that, which or who.1. It’s the kind of music________________________.2. It’s a CD_________________________.3. She likes musicians__________________________.4. She doesn’t like the songs____________________.5. She likes singers_______________________.that/which you can dance tothat/which you can take to a partywho write their own lyricsthat/which are too longwho sing the words clearly4bUnit 9I like music that I can dance toSection A 2d3. Lucy loves singers______ are creative and energetic. A. which B. whoC. whom D. what4. The action movie______ I saw last week is really exciting. A. when B. whoC. that 。省略部分。oundspraisepity2e Student A is foreign visitor who is interested in Abing and his music. Student B is a Chinese student who knows about Abing. Use the information in the passage to make a conversation.What kind of musical instruments did Abing play? He could play many instruments, but he is best known for playing the erhu.3a What kind of music or movies do you like best? What is your favorite song/movie? Make notes in the chart below. Favorite kind of music /movieWhy I like this kind of music/movie Favorite song/movieWhy I like this song/movieHow this song/movie makes me feelWhy I think others should listen to /watch this song/movieUse the following expressions to help you: My favorite kind of music/movie is ...I like ...because...It was ...by...When I listen to /watch it, I feel...I think you should listen to/ watch it too because... 3b Use your notes to write an article for a newspaper or magazine to tell people about your favorite kind of music/movie and your favorite song/movie. Writing 1. I have a friend ________ likes listening to classical music.2. Yesterday Emily was wearing the new dress _________ I gave her.3. The man ______ leg broke in a match used to be a football player.who/thatwhich/thatwhosePracticeⅠ.完成下列句子4. My parents live in a house__________ is more than 100 years old.5. The boy with _______ John spoke is my brother.6. Kevin is reading a book __________ is too difficult for him.7. Is there anything ______ you want to buy in the town?8.All ______ we can do is to study hard.9. The first one _____ stands up is a little boy.which/thatwhomwhich/thatthatthatthat1.这就是救了那个男孩生命的医生。This is the doctor who saved the boy’s life.2.正在跑步的那个人是我的叔叔。The man who is running is my uncle.3. 我喜欢可以随之而唱的音乐。 I like music that I can sing along with. 4. 阿炳弹奏触动人们心灵的音乐。Abing played music that could touch the hearts of people. Ⅱ.翻译下列句子 1 The comedy has __________dialogues which are very humorous. 2. Since you prefer music that is relaxing, I don’t _________ you would want to buy this _________ music CD. 3. Christmas is a time for spreading joy, so you should find some _________time to spend with your loved ones.4. Although he is an_________ who does not have much experience, he did an excellent job in the new________ film.plenty ofsupposeelectronicFill in the blanks with the words in the box.plenty of, suppose, war, electronic, actor, sparespareactorwarA: Hi, Cindy!Would you like to see Sky High in 2050 this weekend? B: Hmm... no, I don’t think movies ___________try to describe the future are very interesting. Could we see City Danger instead? A: You mean, the new police story___________ was filmed in five countries? B: Yes,that’s the one. The actor _________ plays the hero used to be a schoolteacher!A: OK, sure. It sounds like something ______ we both will enjoy!who/thatwhich/thatthatFill in the blanks with who, that or which. More than one answer may be possible. which/thatHomework 1.全品作业手册,本单元做完2.全品听课手册P61实战演习做完.
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