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九年级下册英语课件 unit_10You’re_supposed_to_shake_hands课件A.ppt

'九年级下册英语课件 unit_10You’re_supposed_to_shake_hands课件A.ppt'
Section AUnit 10 You’re supposed to shake hands.Warm up: What do people do when they meet for the first time. Different countries has different culture.They should shake hands. = They are supposed to shake hands.In U.S.A and MexicoThey are supposed to kiss.In BrazilThey are supposed to bow.In Japan and Korea They are supposed to put hands together in front of the chest.In IndiaNew Words and phrasesshake n. shake handscustom n.bow v.kiss v.&n.be supposed to dobe not supposed to doa. bowb. shake handsc. kiss1a. What do people do when they meet for the first time? Match the countries with the customs. 1. ___ Brazil2. ___ the United States3. ___ Japan4. ___ Mexico5. ___ Koreababac1b. Listen and check the answer in 1a.1c. PairworkA: What are people in Korea supposed to do when they meet for the first time?B: They’re supposed to bow.Talk about exchange students experience in different countries.Have you ever been an exchange student? Have you heard of their experience?Are they nervous when they live in a foreign country?What are good manners if you go to a foreigner’s house to have dinner?What are you supposed to pay attention to?Maria’s story2a. Listen carefully and check the mistakes Mari made.Maria’s mistakes______ arrived late______ ate the wrong food______ greeted Paul’s mother the wrong way______ wore the wrong clothes√√√2b Listen again and fill in the blanks. 1.Maria was supposed to arrive at 7:00,but she_____________2.In Maria’s country, When you’re invited for 7:00, you’re expected to .3.When Maria met Paul’s mom,she was supposed to_____________________ 4.Maria should ask what she is supposed to___________ a party next time.arrived at 8:00.come latershake hands insteadwearExplanation1. I was supposed to arrive at 7:00…arrive, get, reach 三个词都有“到达”的意思,但arrive是个不及物动词,构成短语arrive at+小地点,arrive in+大地点.get也是不及物动词,构成短语get to+地点名词.reach是及物动词,后直接跟点名词作宾语.当arrive, get, reach后接地点副词时,都不要介词,如arrive/ get/ reach here到达这里.e.g. They arrived at the small village at noon. This couple have already arrived in Beijing.2. greet =to welcome or say “hello” 动词 “问候,打招呼”如:He greeted her by saying “good morning” 他向她打招呼说 “早上好”。 She greeted me with a friendly smile.她向我微笑致意。 A beautiful view greeted us.美丽的景色呈现在我们面前。2c. Pairwork A: How was the dinner at Paul's house last night? B: Well, it was OK, but I made some mistakes. I was supposed to arrive at 7:00, but I arrive at 8:00.Cali 卡利Colombia 哥伦比亚relaxed 放松的drop by顺便,拜访Lausanne洛桑Switzerland瑞士land 国家。国土,土地after all毕竟,终究towards对于,关于greet 问候,向打招呼 3a. Read the following opinions of a Colombian and a Swiss student and fill in the chart. Colombia SwitzerlandAttitude towards… Colombiabeing on timevisiting a friend’s housemaking plans with friendsWe are pretty relax about time.We often just drop by our friends’ homes.We don’t h。省略部分。ng/名词 没有 make plan to do sth. 制订计划做某事。 plan to do sth. 计划做某事。 something interesting 有趣的事情。形容词修饰不定代词要后置3b. Pairwork A: What kinds of rules do they have in Colobia?B: Well, they have pretty relaxed rules.A: Like what?B: Well, it’s OK if you’re not on time.4.Pairwork You are supposed to…greeting teacherssay,“Good morning.”doing homeworkat home or in school after classphoning someonesay “Hello, I’m…” You are supposed to…visiting someone’s homecall first,and knock at the doormaking plans with friendsDiscuss the plan, call to make changes.being on timeAlways on time or little early.giving giftsFestival gifts beingnecessary.Grammar focus: be supposed to do be supposed to do… 被期望或要求做……; 应该做……当句子的主语是人时,它可以用来表示劝告,建议,义务,责任等,意思是 “to be expected to do sth, or to have to do sth.”其否定形式为: be not supposed to do 不被许可做……e.g. Everyone is supposed to know the law. We’re not supposed to play basketball in the classroom.You’re supposed to ask the teacher if you want to leave the classroom..如果你要离开教室,应该先问问老师.We are not to supposed to play football on Sunday.不准我们在星期日踢足球.This is secret and I’m not supposed to talk about it.这是秘密,我不应该谈论she is late for class again and she is supposed to say sorry to the teacher.她又迟到了,她应该向老师说对不起. What are you supposed to do when you see a thief stealing someone’s wallet?What are you supposed to do when you find rubbish everywhere?What are you supposed to do when someoneasks you the way? What are you supposed to do when your classmate is ill or hurt in hospital?Ⅰ.根据句意,用括号中所给词的适当形式填空.1. Computers are used by people for ______ problems. (do)2. Spaceship ________ people have reached other parts of the universe. (with)3. Britain is only 30 kilometers away from _______ . (French)4. I think English is _______________ than maths.(important)doingwithoutFrancemore important5. The Great Wall is over six __________ kilometers long. (thousand)6. The hat was ______of silk. (make)7. The moon _______round the earth . (travel)8. Sheep are ______by farmers for producing wool and meet. (keep)  thousandmadetravelskeptⅡ.Choose the best answer.( )1. Everyone is supposed ________ a seat belt in the car. A. wearing B. to wear C. to be worn( )2. What do you feel the chickens ________? A. on B. to C. /( )3. Your mother looks a bit disappointed. You ________ have told her the truth. A. should B. must C. canB C A ( )4. I find ______ difficult to remember everything, though I’m still young. A. that B. this C. it( )5.You must ________ your handwriting. I can’t read your homework. A. improve B. raise C. notice( )6.The box is ___ heavy ___ I can’t lift it. A. too, to B. so, that C. very, thatD. too, thatC A B 写一篇文章来介绍一下中国一些方面的 风俗习惯,可以包括以下这些方面: ·greeting ·eating meals with other people ·attending a party 目标句型:be supposed to do Homework
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