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九年级下册英语课件 Unit4.I_used_to_be_afraid_of_the_dark.Section_A_1a-2d.ppt

'九年级下册英语课件 Unit4.I_used_to_be_afraid_of_the_dark.Section_A_1a-2d.ppt'
Unit 4Unit 4I used to be afraid of the dark.Section A 1 1a~2dWarming upRyan has long curly blonde hair, he has a round face, two big eyes. He’s a little heavy. His hair is soft and beautiful. His mother thinks it’s really wonderful. So she can’t stand cutting his beautiful hair. But some of Ryan’s friends say that Ryan can’t play with them because he looks like a girl. tall/ shortmedium heightstraight / curly hairlong / short hairheavy/ thinyoung/ oldFill in the chart with words to describe people.1aAppearancePersonalityoutgoingfunny helpfulcute kindfriendlyconfidentPresentationJiang Wen used to wear glasses, but now he doesn’t wear glasses.Zhang yishan used to be short, but he is tall now.ListeningListen. Bob is seeing some friends for the first time in four years. What did his friends use to look like?1b1. Mario used to be ______. He used to wear _______.2. Amy used to be _____. She used to have _______ hair.3. Tina used to have _____ and _____ hair. shortglasses tallshortredcurlyLook at the picture in 1a and make conversations.Practice1cDid Mario use to be short?Yes, he did. He used to be really short.What’s he like now?He’s tall now.Did Amy use to have short hair?Yes, she did. She used to have short hair. What’s she like now?She has long hair now. Did Tina use to have red hair?Yes, she did. She used to have red and curly hair.What’s she like now?She has straight and blonde hair now. Look at these words and remember them.___ friendly ___ outgoing ___ serious ___ humorous ___ silent ___ active___ brave ___ quiet ___ helpfuladj. 有幽默感的;滑稽有趣的Listening2aadj. 不说话的;沉默的adj. 有帮助的1. humorous adj. 有幽默感的;滑稽有趣的e.g. Cartoons are humorous pictures with words. 漫画是附有文字的幽默图片。humor (幽默) + ous → 有幽默感的e.g. Peter seems silent today. What’s the matter? 彼特今天似乎很沉默,怎么了?2. silent adj. 不说话的;沉默的silent adj. → silence n. 沉默help n. (帮助) + ful → helpful adj. 有帮助的3. helpful adj. 有帮助的e.g. His explanation was more or less helpful. 他的解释多少是有帮助的。ListeningListen and check (√) the words you hear.2a___ friendly ___ outgoing ___ serious ___ humorous ___ silent ___ active___ brave ___ quiet ___ helpfulListen again and complete the chart about how Paula has changed.2bIn the past1. Paula used to be really _____. She was always silent in class. She wasn’t very ________. She was never brave enough to ask questions.2. She got good grade in ______. She was also good in ______. She used to play the ______.outgoingquietsciencemusicpiano1. Now she’s more interested in ______. She plays ______ almost every day. She’s also on a _____ team.2. She still plays the _____ from time to time. soccersportsswimpianoNow 1. What class were they? ________________________________2. What was Paula never brave to do in class? ________________________________ ________________________________Listen again and answer the qu。省略部分。now. Look at all the girls around him!Language points1. I used to be afraid of the dark. used to do sth. 过去常常做某事表示过去经常性或习惯性的动作或状态,暗指现在已经不存了,强调过去与现在的对比。used to的否定形式有两种:didn’t use to或usedn’t to。 e.g. They used to be good friends. 他们过去是好朋友。 (暗示现在不是了) Mrs Brown didn’t use to / usedn’t to travel in summer. 布朗夫人过去夏天不旅游。 Did you use to / Used you to play the guitar? 他过去弹吉他吗?used to用于疑问句时,可借助助动词did,也可以将used提到主语前。【拓展】几个易混结构的比较: 结构意义to的作用used to do sth.过去常常做某事不定式符号use ... to do sth.用……做……be used to do sth.被用来做……be used to doing sth.习惯于做某事介词use ... to do sth.用……做……e.g. They use the knife to cut meat. 他们用刀切肉。e.g. This kind of wood is used to make paper. 这种木头是被用来做纸的。 be used to do sth. 被用来做某事be / get used to sth. / doing sth. 习惯于某事 / 做某事e.g. Lucy has been used to (eating) Chinese food. Lucy已经习惯(吃)中餐了。 I think you’ll get used to the climate soon. 我想不久你就会习惯这种气候的。根据所给汉语提示完成英语句子。1. My uncle __________________(以前是个司机), but now he is an actor.2. Tom’s father ____________________(过去常常看书) after lunch.3. Mary __________________(以前常常骑自行车) to work, but now she _________________(习惯步行) to work.4. The pencil ______________(被用来书写).used to be a driver used to read (books)used to ride a bikeis used to walking is used to writefrom time to time是一个固定短语,意为“间或;有时”,常在句中作状语。e.g. Tom goes to visit his grandmother in the countryside from time to time. 汤姆时常去看望住在农村的奶奶。2. She still plays the piano from time to time.e.g. He got high scores in the examination. 考试中他得了高分。 3. He studied hard and got good scores on his exams. score n. 得分;进球such为形容词,意为“这(那)样的;主要修饰名词;so是副词,意为“这(那)么;如此地”,主要修饰形容词、副词和分词。4. This party is such a great idea! He used to be so shy and quiet. such与so 辨析e.g. Do you like such weather? 你喜欢这样的天气吗? I’m so glad to see you. 很高兴见到你。 He can draw so well. 他画得那么好。当名词前有many,much,few或little等词修饰时,要用so而不用such。e.g. There are so many / few people in the hall. 大厅有这么多/这么少的人。 You have so much / little homework today. 你今天有这么多/这么少的作业。“such + a / an +形容词+可数名词单数 形式”相当于“so +形容词+a / an +可数名词单数形式”,表示“如此……的一个……”。e.g. She is such a lovely girl. = She is so lovely a girl. 她是这个如此可爱的女孩。选用such或so填空。1. The man told us ____ funny a story.2. She has _____ a beautiful dress.3. How can you get ____ much money to buy the car?4. Don’t go out in ______ cold weather.5. Don’t eat _____ quickly.so suchso suchsoExercisesI. 根据汉语提示填空,完成句子。1. He has plenty of _________ (幽默的) stories to tell us. 2. You’d better keep _______ (沉默) about what happened. 3. The lazy cat isn’t very ________ (有用的) in catching mice. 4. Tom got the highest ______(得分) in the exam. humoroussilenthelpfulscoreII. 用used to将下列汉语句子翻译成英语。1. 他过去常常在卧室抽烟。2. 汤姆过去常常去那儿看电影,但现在他 不去了。He used to smoke in the bedroom.  Tom used to go to the movies there, but now he doesn’t go there.Recite the conversation in 2d. Homework
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