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九年级下册英语课件 .ppt

'九年级下册英语课件 .ppt'
Unit 4Section BPeriod 2 (2a— 3b)Just for Fun!Please tell us what things you used to like doing when you were a child. When I was a child, I used to like playing with my friends. play with my friendsWhen I was a child, I used to like going to the zoo with my parents.go to the zoo When I was a child, I used to like watching TV. watch TVWhen I was a child, I used to like music. like musicWho would you like to tell about your problems?parentsclose friendsShe is a high school student. 2b Read quickly and underline the problems that Li Wen used to have.She is a high school student. 2c Put the sentences into the correct places in the passage.The keys1. not being in a place2. affect 3. a school which some or all of the pupils live in during the school term4. by oneselfMatch the words or phrases with correct meanings.influenceabsentboarding schoolin personDon't let me influence your decision.Many students were absent this morning.There is a small boarding school in the little town. You'd better speak to him in person. Make a sentence with each word or phrase.influence absent boarding school in personShe used to spend a lot of time playing games with friends. She used to watch TV or chat with her grandmother.1. Read and answer the questions.Yes, she did.7. DoesShe hardly ever has time for concerts now. She usually studies and does her homework. 6. DidShe2e Complete the passage with proper forms of the words and phrases in the box.The keysImagine you are going to start a club to help students who are not interested in school work. Think of two activitiesyou can do with them, and discuss why it might help them.ActivitiesReasons1. go and visit historical places near the schoolto make learning history a real experience2. 3. When you have different opinions with your parents, how do you deal with that?DiscussionUse the language in this unit to write about how your life has changed since primary school.What did your parents use to do when theywere children? How is it different from whatyou do ? Talk to your parents and fill in the chart.I …My parents used to …booksmusic sportsfoodfavorite subject at schoolfavorite thingsI like reading comics.Enjoy a song, You Raise Me Up by Westlife. Dedicate this song to our parents. 1. influence v. 影响My dad influenced me to learn German. 我学德语是受爸爸的影响。We became the best of friends and he influenced me deeply. 我们成了最好的朋友, 他深深地影响了我。His writings have influenced the lives of millions. 他的作品影响了千百万人的一生。Language points知识链接 influence n. 影响 Van Gogh had a major influence on the development of modern painting. 凡·高对现代绘画的发展有着重大影响。 Her influence made me a better person. 她对我的影响使我成为一个更好的人。 Mr. Smith is a man of influence in this town. 史密斯先生是这个镇上有权势的人物。【注意】 influence n. [U] 影响;作用 What exactly is the influence of television on children? 电视对儿童有什么影响? influence n. [C]有影响力的人(或事物)His first music teacher was a major influence in his life. 他的音乐启蒙老师是他一。省略部分。________ (15岁的) boy.3. He was _______ ______ (缺席) the meeting.4. I have to do some thinking before _______ ___________ (作决定). cause lots oftrouble15-year-oldabsent from makinga decision 练习 按要求完成下列句子, 每空一个词组。  1. 使他吃惊的是, 这个电话改变了他的生活。 _______________, this phone call changed his life.2. 他的父亲不再与他们在一起了。 His father was _________ with them.    To his surprise no longer3. 他总是以我做过的每件好事为荣耀。 He would always ________________ everything good I did.4. 我已经尽力让妈妈更多地注意我。 I have tried to make my mother      ___________________ me. take pride in pay more attention toWrite a passage in about 100 words with the help of the following points about Zhanghua’s life change. The first sentence has been given.【2011山东枣庄】Zhanghua as a child Zhuanghua now used to have much timeused to spend a lot of time playing games with his friendsused to watch TV or chat with his grandma in the eveningused to go to concerts with his father. is too busygets up early and stays in school all day.hasn't any more time to play games with hisdoes his homework and goes to bed late,hardly has time for concerts.misses the old days. Zhuanghua's life has changed a lot in the last few years.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________One possible version:Zhuanghua's life has changed a lot in the lastfew years. In the past, he used to have muchtime to play after school. He spent a lot of timeplaying games with his friends. When hefinished his homework, he often watched TVor chatted with his grandma. On Saturday, heoften went to concerts with his father. But now his school life has changed a lot. Heis very busy every day. He has to get upearly and stays in school all day. Because hehas to study hard. He hasn’t any more timeto play games with his friends. He has to dohis homework and goes to bed late everynight. He hardly has any time for concerts.He misses the old days very much. 我国某山区张各庄为对外开放单位。请用英语为来访宾客简单介绍张各庄小学。内容要点如下:1、背景张各庄(Zhang Ge Zhuang) 远离其他村庄。过去儿童上学困难;1988年成立本村小学(primary school)。2、现状教师:3人,均为本村人,中学毕业后回村执教。学生:48人班级:5个科目:语文、数学、自然(science)、音乐、美术、体育 3、 学费:免费Practice One possible version: Zhang Ge Zhuang Primary School Until 1988 Zhang Ge Zhuang had no school of its own. It was pretty hard for the children of the village because they had to go to school in other villages which were all far away.Now Zhang Ge Zhuang Primary School has three teachers and they teach 48 pupils. The teachers had finished middle school education before they returned to teach here.The pupils are divided into five different classes. Six subjects are taught. They are Chinese, maths, science, music, drawing and physical education.Education is free for all children in the village.
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