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九年级上册英语广州版(牛津上海版)课件 U7 Reading A.ppt

'九年级上册英语广州版(牛津上海版)课件 U7 Reading A.ppt'
Reading ATrees all over the world Trees can be found all over the world. They grow in jungles, on mountains, in hot dry deserts and even in very cold areas. Trees can grow in many different types of places, but they all need sunlight and water to grow. Therefore, many kinds of trees have developed special ways to help themselves live in different places. In deserts, where there is not much rainfall, trees need to hold water. The baobab tree 猴面包树saves water in its trunk. The trunk gets smaller as it uses up the water. The northern areas of the world, like North America, Russia and Scandinavia, are covered with tall pine trees. These trees can live well though the sunlight is not very strong. Some mountain trees are very small and grow very close to the ground. This protects them from the strong winds that blow on the mountains. The tropical rainforests of the world are in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. There are millions of trees growing close together. In order to get more sunlight, some trees there grow up to 50 metres tall to catch the sunlight. Throughout the world, trees are being killed by acid rain. This is caused by pollution from cars and factories. The rain that falls on trees damages their leaves and stops them from growing properly.1. Where does a baobab tree store water? 2. What does the underlined phrase “tropical rainforests” mean in Chinese? 3. How do cars or factories kill trees? In its trunk热带雨林By polluting the air短语收藏夹1. escape from 2. in deserts 3. work as 4. shut together 5. be defended by 6. give rewards to 7. up to 8. such as 9. so...that... 10. a kind of 11. plenty of 从……中逃脱在沙漠里充当,挡任一起关闭由……保护着给予……奖励高达例如如此……以致……一种大量的根据汉语意思完成句子。1. 这个皇宫每天都由许多士兵保卫着。The palace ____ ____ ____ many soldiers every day.2. 政府给予每位杰出的科学家奖励。The government _____ _____ _____ every great scientist.3. 当你一碰这棵植物,它敏感的叶子就会一起关闭。When you touch this plant, its sensitive leaves will ____ ____.is defended bygives rewards toshut together4. 那个小偷试图从超市逃脱。That thief tried to _____ _____ the supermarket.5. 我累得再也走不动了。I was ____ ____ ____ I couldn’t walk any longer.6. 当有空时,我喜欢阅读,比如杂志、报纸和小说When I am free, I enjoy reading, ____ ____ magazines, newspapers and novels.7. 葡萄是一种有益的水果,你多吃点吧。Grapes are ____ ____ ____ helpful fruit. Help yourself to some more.escape fromso tired thatsuch asa kind of 1. Do you like plants?2. Are you familiar with plants?3. Can you guess what we will talk about today?Plants.New words:bodyguard保镖;警卫fly苍蝇陷阱trapdefend防御;保卫fierce凶猛的;凶残的thirsty口渴的;缺水的branch树枝desert沙漠;荒漠precious宝贵的;珍贵的 不寻常的A1 Look at the title, the pictures and the introduction and choose answers to the following questions.1. What does this passage talk about? a. Films. b. Plants.2. How do all of them look? a. Huge and old. 。省略部分。iant Redwood CactusAcacia tree Description Plant5. It has sharp leaves. 6. It is dangerous for flies.7. It first appeared in the Americas.8. Its sensitive leaves can shut very quickly.Venus Flytrap Cactus CactusVenus flytrapSecond readingA4 Read the passage again and decide whether the statements are T (True) or F (False).1 The Venus Flytrap only kills flies.2 The Venus Flytrap kills insects with the hairs on its leaves.3 California has the highest tree on Earth.4 The desert cactus does not need a lot of water.FFTF Second readingA4 Read the passage again and decide whether the statements are T (True) or F (False).5 The ants do not want to share the Acacia tree with other insects or animals.6 The Acacia tree is attacked by ants.FTLanguage PointsInsects often try to escape from it, but the plant is much faster than them. (P98)昆虫常常想奋力逃离它,但是植物比他们更快。 解析:(1)escape from sb/sth 意思是“从……逃离”,“摆脱……”。例如:We escaped from the enemy.我们逃脱了敌人的追踪。escape from doing sth “逃避做某事”。如:He escaped from doing any more work.他不想再工作,便溜走了。(2)much faster than ...意为“比……快得多”,其中much常常放在形容词或副词比较级前面表示程度。 例如: She thought that her hometown is much more beautiful than mine. 她认为她家乡比我家乡漂亮得多。根据汉语意思完成句子。1. 他越狱了。 He ______ _______ prison.2. 她为了逃避孤独,所以喜欢呆在人多的地方 She likes staying in places with many people so that she can _____ ______ _____ lonely.3. 彼得说英语比我们说得好得多。 Peter speaks English ______ ______ than us. escaped fromescape from beingmuch betterSome are so small that you cannot even see them, while others can be very big. (P98) 有些小到你甚至看不到他们,而其他的又可能很大。 解析:(1)句型“so+ (adj / adv)+ that +句子”意思是“如此……以致……”。这是一个中考常考的结构。例如:She is so young that she can't look after herself. 她太小,以致不能自己照顾自己。(2) 此外,同学们还要注意在句中while的用法。在这句子中,while 用以表示对比或相反的情况,意为“而;却;但”。例如:I drink coke while he prefers tea.我爱喝可乐而他喜欢喝茶。English is understood all over the world while Turkish is spoken by only a few people outside Turkey itself.英语世界通行, 但土耳其语离开本国就很少有人说了。选择最佳答案填空。( )4. I like tea ____ she likes coffee. A. when B. as C. so D. while ( )5. He ran ____ fast ____ I couldn't catch him. A. so; and B. very; and C. very; that D. so; thatwhileso; thatScientists say that it weighs about two thousand tonnes. (P98) 科学家说巨杉大约重两千吨。解析:two thousand意为“两千”,要注意前面是具体数字时,thousand不能使用复数形式,如:two hundred people(两百人);要表达“数千”用 thousands of。其他与其用法一样的数词有hundred, million, billion等。例如:There’re millions of stars in the sky. 天上有成千上万的星星。One of the most unusual plants in the world is the cactus. (P98)世界上最不寻常的植物之一是仙人掌。解析:“one of+形容词最高级”意为“……之一”,后面接复数名词。例如:She is one of the best students in our class.她是我们班最好的学生之一。根据汉语意思完成句子。6. 中国是世界上最大的国家之一。China is ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ in the world.one of the biggest countries Homework Write a short passage to talk about one of the four strange plants.(2) 完成练习册内相关练习。
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