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九年级上册广州版(牛津上海版)英语课件 U5 Reading A.ppt

'九年级上册广州版(牛津上海版)英语课件 U5 Reading A.ppt'
Reading AReading AThe Phantom of the OperaPre-readingHave you ever been to the theatre?There are many well-known theatres in the world. Have you heard the Paris Opera House ?The Paris Opera HouseWhat kind of place do you think the theatre is?theatreoperaorchestraplayconcertpuppetmovie[英][??:kistr?] [美][??rk?str?, -?k?str?] n.管弦乐队;管弦乐队的全部乐器Stars are singing and dancing in the concert.Musical performances were also widespread.Strangely, In Beijing opera, some female characters are actors by male.The actors wear costumes in the play.Great orchestras and choirs have fantastic performances. [英][?kwai?] [美][kwa?r] n.教堂的唱诗班;唱诗队;公开表演的合唱团;(教堂)唱经楼Puppet started from Tang Dynasty.Game: short-term memoryTitle: The phantom of the OperaThe first paragraphs: The Paris Opera House is a huge building. Beneath the building there is a strange, dark lake. On this lake is an island. On the island, one hundred years ago, lived the Phantom.The last paragraphs :Christine's kindness made the Phantom cry. He let Raoul go, and told him to take Christine away. Some people from the Opera arrived at the Phantom’s home, ready to kill him. But the phantom magically disappeared, and was never seen again.First reading: using your short-term memory to answer the question1.When did the story happen?2.The story is probably______. A. true b. not true3.The Phantom is probably _____. A. a monster b. a man c. a young woman4.What happened to the Phantom at the end of the story? A. He disappeared b. He was caughtOne hundred years ago.b b a Read the passage and decide whether the state-ments below are true(T) or false(F).( )1. Although the Phantom was ugly, his mother loved him very much.( )2. Christine got the help of the Phantom and felt in love with him.( )3. Christine could not marry the Phantom because she hadn’t seen him.FFF( )4. The Phantom took Christine away secretly.( )5. When Christine saw the Phantom’s face she was shocked to cry.( )6. The Phantom was moved by Christine’s kindness.( )7. The angry audience caught the Phantom and killed him at last.FFTFSecond reading: put the events in correct ordera The Phantom disappeared.b The Phantom fell in love with Christine.c Christine kissed the Phantom’s face.d The Phantom was forced to leave home.e The Phantom kidnapped Christine.f The Phantom sang to Christine.g The Phantom captured Raoul.h The Phantom let Raoul go.t The Phantom built his home on the island.937154682Third reading:1 The Phantom was ugly_____. a because of an accident b because of his mother's cruelty c from when he was born2 At first, Christine could not see the Phantom because _____. a he stayed out of sight b he always wore a mask c he was a ghostc a 3. The phantom kidnapped Christine and captured Raoul. These things tell us that the Phantom ____. a lived inside the Opera. b had a powerful voice 。省略部分。) 在这个岛上建起他自己的家以前,他花了几年的时间到处游荡。解析:spend time/money (in) doing sth“花时间/金钱做某事”。例如:My mother had to spend three hours cleaning the house. 妈妈不得不花三个小时清扫房子。The Phantom fell in love with Christine, a beautiful young singer at the Opera. (P66) 幽灵爱上了克莉丝汀——歌剧院一位年轻漂亮的歌手。解析:fall in love with意为“喜欢、爱上”,表示“爱上”的过程,而其同义短语be in love with则表示“爱着”的状态。请对比:He fell in love with a young girl when he worked in the factory.他在工厂工作时爱上了一位年轻姑娘。They were in love with each other for a long time. 他们相爱很久了。 When the Phantom learnt about this, it broke his heart. (P66)   当幽灵知道这个消息时,他的心都碎了。解析:(1) learn about意为“得知;获悉”,表示通过听到或看到而得知。相当于learn of,可以替换。例如:We learnt about / of the truth at last. 我们终于得知事情的真相。(2) break one’s heart意为“使某人心碎”,其同义短语hurt one’s heart意为“使某人伤心,伤某人的心”。例如:Her sudden leaving broke his heart.她突然离去使他心碎了。Her sudden leaving hurt his heart.她突然离去使他很伤心。 He kidnapped her from the stage in front of the whole audience. (P66) 他在所有观众面前把她从舞台上绑架走了。解析:audience意为“观众、听众”,释义为“viewers、 listeners”。表示整体时,被视为单数表示个体时,被视为复数。例如: There was a large audience last night. 昨晚观众很多。 The audience were moved to tears by her story. 听众被她的故事感动得落泪。根据汉语意思完成句子。1. 上学期玛丽把太多的时间花在玩游戏上了。 Mary ________ too much time ________ computer games last term.2. 周末我花了一些钱修理电脑。 I ________ some money ___________ my computer at the weekend. spent playingspent mending/repairing3. 有些坏人经常想方设法强迫小孩去偷东西。 Some bad men often try to ______ the children ______ ______. 4. 我妹妹很年轻,还不能结婚。 My sister is ______ ______ ______ she can’t marry.5. 糟糕的天气迫使我们改变会议的地点。 The bad weather ______ ______ ______ the place of the meeting. forceto steal so young that made us change1. at birth 出生时2. fall in love with sb 喜欢;爱上3. pull off 拉下;扯下4. feel sorry for sb 怜悯;同情5. wander around 游荡6. late at night 深夜7. break one’s heart 使某人心碎8. be shocked at... 对……感到震惊根据汉语意思完成句子。1. 他的父母在地震中遇难了,我们很同情他,给他很多帮助。 His parents died in the earthquake. We ____ ____ ____ him and helped him a lot. 2. 他爱上了玛丽,但玛丽不知道。 He ____ ____ ____ ____ Mary, but Mary didn’t know about it. 3. 她出生时耳朵就有问题。 There was something wrong with her ears ____ ____ . felt sorry forfell in love with at birth4. 他们抢劫银行后,拉下了面具。 After they robbed the bank, they ____ ____ their masks. 5. 这个乞丐经常在这个小区里游荡。 The beggar often ______ ______ this residential area. 6. 他常常深夜回家。 He often goes home ____ ____ ____ . 7. 人们对这次爆炸感到很震惊。 People ____ ____ ____ the explosion. pulled offwanders aroundlate at nightwere shocked at一、 选择最佳答案填空。( )1. The good news made the children ____ with joy.A. to cry B. cry C. crying D. cries( )2. My son weighed four kilos ____ birth.A. in B. on C. at D. to ( )3. We were ____ tired ____ we could not walk any further.A. too; to B. enough; that C. rather; but D. so; thatBCD
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